University Master Plan

Taipei, Taiwain

Concept Design


Sited in a flood plain in Taipei, this master plan for a new university leverages existing water flows across the site to establish an organizational, programmatic, and structural system. Water is reconceived as an asset: Through a process of cutting and filling, we proposed valleys and troughs in the landscape to create myriad courtyards and landscaped environments. In response to the high and low spots, a series of structural blades is arrayed across the site, while floor plates—conceived of as trays—are suspended between blades, at times cantilevering from them, piercing them, or anchoring into them. Located above the flood elevation, the elevated trays permit transit across the site in even the most extreme conditions, while they simultaneously offer a sense of “safe danger.” Each tray hosts either a rooftop terrace, roof garden, or water storage pool on its roof.