Newfield Farmhouse

Full Service Architecture

Working on a site that had been carved off of an old dairy farm, our immediate instinct was to look to American farm buildings for inspiration. The design that resulted is a modern take on the classic houses that have been crafted by addition and accretion over generations. While the entire building is new, the use of variegated eaves, dormers, and exterior cladding helps break-up the building’s massing and suggest that the house has been built over time. Modern interventions, such as black windows, essentialized trim detailing, and an exposed steel beam at the front entry porch root the house in the present and freshen long-standing farmhouse design traditions. On the interior, strong axial relationships and enfilade rooms ensure that spaces flow seamlessly to one another, rendering a relatively small house much larger than it might otherwise feel. Much like its forebearers, this is a house meant for a family–modernized for the way they we live today.