Guatemalan Circuit Court Building

Guatemala City, Guatemala

Concept Design


The Circuit Court building is the “workhorse” of our Guatemalan judiciary proposal. It houses eight courtrooms organized around three interior courtyards to maximize access to light and natural ventilation. Indeed, much of the plan is open air in an eff ort to capitalize on the temperate Guatemalan climate.

The principal entry fronts the Paseo Real, with an auxiliary entry along the North elevation for judges and their visitors. Public access is limited to the southern corridor while private circulation for judges and jurors is concentrated along the Northern half of the building.  Courtrooms are double-height and stacked on top of one another, permitting a floor level of judges’ chambers to be sandwiched sectionally between the first and third levels that host public access. A national law library and rotunda anchor the Western end of the building, and create a focal point for the entire complex from the West while providing a prominent element to front the plaza proposed at the North side of the building.

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